Why Us

Why Us

When one day you feel lonely, heartbroken, thrown away or you need someone to start over and you find dating apps without knowing if it's what you want or what’s in store for you. In these apps you will find profile and pictures of ample of people but the question is – “How truthful the information is?” Even if you happen to meet someone – Are they the right choice for you? All these worries will vanish because you have us – “Victoria Rose” as we are the greatest source in helping you find your better half. We have a team of expertise who will thoroughly scan each profile and inspect all backgrounds before shortlisting any candidate and sending your way. “Your happiness is our goal”

Worried about communication skills? Well, worry no more as we also bring to you both English and Thai language teaching short courses. We have a team of skilled language instructors who will help you to be able to communicate in other language in no time.

In addition to the above services, we also provide consultation services for all your problems. Sometimes you need someone apart from your family members and friends or the people you know to just listen to your problems and help you think of ways to solve it. Choose us as a consultant to help solve your problems.

We also provide visa services in order for you to proceed in a stress-free way with us. Visa options that we provide will be Tourist Visa, Work Visa, Education Visa and Marriage Visa.

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